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Winter break in Poznań

This is winter break for Poznań! Check what you can do then!

On January 27th (or even two days before) our province started the winter break at school. As usual, Poznań prepared some relax for families with kids and students seeking way to kill boredom.


Among the classic attractions we’ll find famous Saint-Martin Croissant Museum which explains the secrets of our Poznań treat and lets to try them during one of the visits. And those they have 4: at 11:10 am (a show with a view for the Poznań goats’ clock mechanism), 12:30, 1:45 pm (the only show in English!) and at 3:00 pm.


Saint-Martin Croissant Museum, photo: Jakub Pindych


Another interesting points might be Poznań Museum of Potato (visiting at every hour from 10 am till 6 pm) and Blubry 6D – both by the Wroniecka Street (near the Old Market Square). First of the mentioned museums tells a story of pyra (in Poznań dialect: potato) from it’s arriving from Latin America until the moment when it became the treasure of our region. The other one takes you to the land of Poznań legends, which after putting the 3D glasses get nothing they seemed before.


We also encourage you to visit the Poznań Plam House, where we find the exhibition of the African arts and warm atmosphere. It’s worth mentioning, that Poznań Plam House for the time of the winter break (until February 23rd) opens its door also on Mondays!


Poznań Museum of Potato, photo: Norbert Zieliński


Blubry 6D, photo: Blubry 6D


The Porta Posnania Interactive Center always delivers, no matter if you’re old or young. It’s a must while being in Poznań.

The Malta Lake with its Malta Thermal Baths and Malta Ski are great for sports. Those not afraid of the cold are invited to the Poznań ZOO.

Last but not least, you should visit Poznań resturants! There is something about it that Poznań is becoming the culinary capital of Poland! The amount of places to eat or drink is crazy. You can find unique eateries everywhere, starting from those serving regional cuisine, through the modern european and finally, exotic tastes of Asia, Africa or South America. A good info, too: they are so cheap! Value for money guaranteed. Small tip: get out of the old town. You can find culinary hot spots in Śródka district (next to the Cathedral Island) or Jeżyce – hip, developing distrcit full of locals.



one of the restaurants in Jeżyce, photo: Jakub Pindych


Saint-Martin croissants, photo: Norbert Zieliński


For the cultural events, we recommend taking a look into the AFISZ – the list of events for the whole month, available also in English below.




Text: Norbert Zieliński

Main photo: Warsztaty Widokówka

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