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Top 5 for spring weekends around Poznań

If you are wondering what to do on lovely, warm, spring weekends, we recommend attractions around Poznań. You will surely have fun!

1. Mosina Trolley Rail


An unforgettable ride in a bicycle trolley on a closed train track from Puszczykówko to Osowa Góra. The ride takes place in alternation. It is an interesting, attractive and active way of spending free time with no age limits.

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2. Museum Palace in Rogalin


The museum's collections tell the story of the aristocratic Raczyński family. The exhibition also includes a carriage house and a Painting Gallery with works of Matejko, Chełmoński or Malczewski - some of Poland’s greaterst artists of the late 19th century. The museum tour can be accompanied by a rented audio guide of the Palace interiors as well as a tablet with an audio- and video guide of the Painting Gallery.

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3. Pobiedziska Burgh


The fortified town of Pobiedziska is a wooden stronghold dating back to the beginning of the Polish state, located on the historical Piast Trail, right between Poznań and Gniezno. An exhibition of medieval siege weapons in natural scale, an armory, a shooting range with siege weapons and an area where enthusiasts can organize medieval themed games and competitions, are available to visitors in the town's premises.

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4. Swarzędzkie Lake and Cybina Valley


Due to its unique landscape values and its plant and animal habitat, Swarzędzkie Lake and Cybina Valley have been listed as a protected area within “Natura 2000”. A cycle and hiking path runs along the shore of the lake, where you can find a marina with a water equipment rental, playgrounds, street workout gear, a skatepark, a summer pub and cafe, a lounging area and a vantage point.

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5. Arkady Fiedler’s Museum and Atelier

The museum gathers exhibits from all continents - sculptures, ceremonial masks, tam-tams or human head trophies. An important part of the museum is the Garden of Cultures and Tolerance, where sculptures, but also surprising artefacts can be seen - the latter include a pyramid, exactly 23 times smaller than the Great Pyramid of Giza, or a to-scale replica of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria ship.

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