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Poznań at your home

Due to the outbreak travelling was never harder and you can't visit our beautiful city. But what if Poznań visited you at home? Well, it's 21st century and that is possible. Below you find some interesting medias and virtual 'guides'. Not all of them are entirely in English but are completely manageable. All that will help you to understand the city and its surroundings more and when all this is over, you will come with your head full of ideas!

#stayhome and have fun!

Learn Poznań fast



Promotional video of the City of Poznań #1 (2019)




Promotional video of the City of Poznań #2 (2010)




Poznań in 30 seconds




Promotional video of the Poznań Convention Bureau





Visit Poznań with Visit Poland Online


In the beginning of 2019 we cooperated with Visit Poland Online and Pozdron.pl which resulted in creating a virtual guide of Poznań. It's a collection of panoramic pictures taken by drones set in motion. It allows you to visit the city from different perspective that you don't get from the ground. Just click the link or photo above and enjoy the views.




More about the guide






Break Enigma in Szyfrokontener 


Before the 2nd world war three of the best cryptology students from Poland worked in Poznań on breaking the Enigma code, which was invented by Germans. The war forced them to emigrate to France but they kept continue their work. Eventually, the British broke the code but what Poles have already accomplished made their work much easier. Today the events are being commemorated in the Szyfrokontener which is an exhibition in front of the Imperial Castle, also a preview of the Cipher Center Enigma planned for 2021 in Poznań.

Due to the pandemic its visiting is not possible, unless virtually like presented below!









Aerial Poznań


Another tool for online visit. This time aerial Poznań made by Poznań z lotu ptaka.






Get to know history of Porta Posnania's building


Porta Posnania is an interactive center about history of the Cathedral Island in Poznań. It also publishes its very own irregular magazine. This edition contains an interesting article about the concrete building, where the museum is hold and which suprisingly fits the historical surroundings. Available online below, also in English.





Take a walk in Rogalin Palace


Rogalin Palace is one of the Poznań surroundings' gem. This late baroque construction was founded by one of the richest Poles of that times. It served as his family's residence but now it holds art gallery and museum that shows how the owners once lived. You don't have to come to Poznań personally though. A virtual walk allows you to visit room after room. Moreover the website of the Palace is also in English so it can be a true collection of interesting facts and photos not only for Polish speakers!







Watch a video


"Poznań is a YES" says LukeLikeCharms




10 best things to do in Poznań chose for you Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos





Streets of Poznań





Promotional Video of City of Poznań





Outdoor exhibition of Museum of Armaments





The most interesting of Poznań by Anek w podróży




Probably the only foreign song called 'POZNAŃ'




Bear named Gienia from Poznań zoo slowly wakes up from her winter sleep







Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020