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Autumn 2018 in Poznań

Autumn is coming… We know it did not go like this but it is still happening. It does not mean though that you must hide in your bed holding a cup of hot coco. Here are some propositions for this time of the year in Poznań.

Go to the park


There is a saying in our country: Polish golden autumn. It may sound like a joke or a real prophecy. We will see what this season brings. Nonetheless the best way is to check it out in one of the Poznań parks.


Citadel Park


The biggest park in the city offering not only charming nature but loads of history and active entertainment. In Poland we celebrate The Day of the Dead at 1st of November. Do that as well and in a true polish fashion light a candle on one of the soldier’s grave at the cemetery in the park. And after all this coffee in one of the restaurants there!









Sołacki Park


Situated in a picturesque, once residential district of Sołacz. Quite peaceful for a place located in a close proximity to the downtown.








Palm House



Perfect spot for warming up after all the walking outdoors. It takes for a trip around the world of exotic plants and animals.










Visit the Saint-Martin Croissants Museum



Autumn in Poznań is definitely time of Saint-Martin croissants. Yes, we know, you did not hear about those. Still, it is a perfect time to learn about the legend and complicated recipe of sweets made only in Poznań and Wielkopolska region. And it is amazing fun as well !






More about the museum...


Malta Therms



Beaches closed, water cold… Not in Malta Therms. In four zones (sports pools, water park, saunas and SPA) you can forget about temperatures going down. You can choose between many water slides, thermal baths or jacuzzi. It will make you hungry, so you can have a great meal there, too.









Go shopping



No one expected this on the list. However, shopping centers in Poznań have much more to offer than just shops.



Stary Browar



This is definitely outstanding center of trade, art and bussines. Apart from shopping you can experience some higher art like first placed in Poland exhibition of David La Chapelle and unusual for this kind of object aesthetics and architecture.











The biggest shopping center in Poznań. It will interest all those who started christmas fever already.








Galeria Malta



Pretty basic shopping center but with a great view for the Maltańskie Lake !







Taste Poland during Smaki Regionów fairs



Smaki Regionów (Tastes of the Regions) is an annual event hosting real crowds. Nothing strange if you consider that the expo consists polish producers of foods from all around the country. Special thing about it is that all the recipes are traditional and homemade. Variety of cheese, wine, metas and more at your fingertips.


Dates : 29.09.2018 – 01.10.2018
Hours: 10 am – 6 pm
Place: Poznań International Fairs, street :  Głogowska 14






Take part in Saint Martin Holiday



11th of November is a date of regaining independance by Poland. But for Poznań it is also great feast. At that day we celebrate the nameday of Saint Martin Street. Once a village at the edge of town, now one of the most important streets in the city. It invites with colorful pageant, hot wines, shows and concerts. And most importantly : delicious Saint-Martin croissants ! 


Dates: 11.11.2018




Go to the movies



Poznań is a heaven for amateurs of the niche movie theaters. Those art-houses play mostly european films, while from time to time some american one sneaks in. They give artistic vibes and a rest from soulless, overpriced multiplexes. They usually do not provide english subtitles for non-english films. However, just visiting those places is kind of an experience.








Kino Apollo - address: ul. Ratajczaka 18 (Pasaż Apollo);

Charlie Monroe (Kino Malta) – address: ul. Rybaki 6a;

Kino Rialto – address: ul. Dąbrowskiego 38.