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Goose for St Martin's

Forgotten goose returns to Polish tables, thanks to the efforts of cuisine enthusiastsPolish goose represents a very high quality, one of the best in Europe. The tradition of eating goose for "St. Martin's" gone into oblivion, but returned with a style. On November 11th in Poznan you will be able to taste delicious Polish goose. But do not forget that after dinner, you can enjoy St Martin's croissant

Gęsina na św. Marcina

 "Gęsina na św. Marcina" ("goose meat for St. Martin's") is a slowfood event happening this year for the 8th time. You'll be able to try goose meat in the best restaurants all over Poland. Event starts on 11th November and finishes on 4th December. 


In Poznań several restaurants will participate, for example:  Concordia Design.







More information: www.gesina.pl


FB: Gęsina na Św. Marcina


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