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Mit der Uhr in der Hand

When time seems to be slipping away, and the next meal is decided mostly with the turn of the clock - what is the solution? You can use the culinary offer of places which meet the needs of the busy and the overworked. Where each minute counts, you have to reach for solutions available now. There are those who have discovered a way to combine quality, freshness and service in a flash.

Avanti Spaghetteria

Stary Rynek 76, Poznań
www.avanti.poznan.pl | tel.: +48 61 852 32 85


Spaghetteria Avanti on the Old Market Square serves Italian cuisine: spaghetti, lasagna, pasta casseroles, salads and salads. Every morning, fresh sauces, salads and starters are prepared in the local kitchen. Spaghetti and other pastas are cooked up to date so that they are "al dente".te”.



Lala Breakfast Lunch Wine

Taczaka 22/1, Poznań
www.facebook.com/lalataczaka22 | tel.: +48 787 714 964


Do you like fiery ants, poisonous snakes and spiders? They did not like them too much, so they decided to change Melbourne to Poznań. We invite you to Agnieszka and Gareth, who came up with a crazy idea to leave sunny Australia and move to Taczaka Street in Poznań. They serve breakfast and lunch here, and in an interesting menu you will find several items from the land of kangaroos. Be sure to try the hot sandwiches and marinated chicken legs. If you want to know what else is worth chugging in and why the place is called 'Lala" then boldly ask about Agnieszka, who gives her guests as much time and attention as Gareth  to his sandwiches with beef and egg soufflés. 


LALA Breakfast Lunch Wine


Covrig prosto z pieca  

ul. Półwiejska 27, Poznań
www.facebook.com/COVRIGPROSTOZPIECA | tel.: +48 530 028 357


Pretzels, hot dogs and patties - it can not be faster! Attractive price, handy form and recommended taste are components of the perfect street food snack. A window on Półwiejska street will give you a warm special in the blink of an eye, just as quickly satisfying small and big hunger.


Juice Drinkers

ul. Dąbrowskiego 8, Poznań
www.facebook.com/juicedrinkers | tel.: +48 517 594 159


Juice Drinkers serves sandwiches, coffee and a wide range of excellent, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Impressive, raw design distinguished the restaurant from the first days of its operation and announced the gastronomic development of the district. Today, Juice Drinkers is a well-known and recognizable place. It is also a gateway to the culinary walk around Jeżyce.


Mamma Patata

ul. Wodna 7/1, Poznań
www.mammapatata.com | tel.: +48 576 997 472


Mamma Patata is a project that connected people connected with gastric gastroenteras and Michelin star restaurants. Italians and Poles have become involved in creating the concept, and Poznan's Mamma Patata is the first pilot restaurant. The idea is based on the idea of ​​quality, Italian fast food. It is delicious and climatically. Be sure to check whether this idea suits you. On the menu, paper cones, which get vegetables, seafood and amazing donuts filled with chocolate cream. A nice addition to the offer is decent wine available by the glass and decanters. Bon Appetit!


Mamma Patata - ul. Wodna 7/1, Poznań


M Onigiri (Min’s Onigiri)

ul. Taylora 1, Poznań
www.facebook.com/MINSONIGIRI | tel.: +48 732 666 667


Onigiri is one of the most popular snacks you can come across in Japan. It is often served as a packed lunch. It is the equivalent of a Polish sandwich taken to work or school. A solid portion of rice formed into a triangle or oval, sometimes wrapped in nori (a variety of hydrates known from sushi), is stuffed with stuffing. Min's Onigiri offers its specialties in a few variations: with stuffing of vegetables, meat, tuna or prawns. The portion for PLN 6 will satisfy small hunger. It is also worth ordering a soup


Pierożak Pierogarnia

ul. Wrocławska 23, Poznań
www.facebook.com/pierozakpierogarnia | tel.: +48 500 257 559


The Pierożak is a nice little place on ulica Wrocławska, located just two minutes walk from the Old Market Square. Only dumplings made on the spot are served here. The open kitchen space allows you to follow the life of the dumplings from its birth, until the tasty finale on our fork. Dumplings can be bought on pieces, mixing the fillings available on the menu. The offer includes traditional fillings, both sweet and dry as well as seasonal experiments. At the time of serving, we only wait for the cooking of raw dumplings, that is several minutes. There is no problem with buying take away dumplings. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best pierogi of Poznań. We recommend!


Pierożak Pierogarnia - ul. Wrocławska 23, Poznań


Razowa Bistro

ul. Wrocławska 20, Poznań
www.facebook.com/razowabistro | tel.: +48 504 051 649


The corner of Wrocławska street, opposite the Kupiec Poznański is a place where many initiatives have been tried. Everything points to the fact that this time the idea turned out to be a hit. Razowa is a combination of cafes, restaurants and bakeries, although the function of the order could be discussed. We will always buy fresh bread here. For this coffee and cakes. The restaurant and bar offer includes simple sandwiches and breakfasts served from 7:00 in the morning on working days, and from 8:00 and 9:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Sandwiches with pastrami became the biggest distinguishing feature for the stunner. It's real perfection! Simple and incredibly tasty for pain.


Razowa Bistro - ul. Wrocławska 20, Poznań



ul. Żurawia 19, Poznań
www.facebook.com/pizzasztos | tel.: +48 881 734 130


SZTOS offers a pizza sold to pieces. We can order one of several proposed compositions or create your own based on available ingredients. A small place on Jeżyce is a few chairs at the counter organized around the pizza oven. The place has gained a reputation and its loyal fans, becoming one of the most recognizable in the district. This is in part due to the tasty pizza, and partly the atmosphere they could create the originator of the project. You will get your meal within a few minutes of ordering. Bon Appetit!


Świetlica (Zamek Cesarski, II piętro)

ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań
www.swietlica.eu | tel.: +48 501 442 743


The Poznań castle built a hundred years ago for Wilhelm II, the emperor of Germany, hides a culinary surprise. On the second floor, in the center of the renovated part of the Castle, there is a café Świetlica. You can eat here sandwiches, soups or salads, but you can just drop in for a coffee with a biscuit. Thanks to the glazed roof, you can look into the sky while waiting for a concert or performance.


Inne ciekawe adresy na www.zzegarkiem.poznan.travel    

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  • Bagels & Friends - ul. Wyspiańskiego 26, 
  • BASILIUM - ul. Woźna 21, Poznań
  • Bushimi - ul. Towarowa 41, Poznań
  • Covrig - prosto z pieca! - ul. Półwiejska 27, Poznań
  • Czerwona Papryka - Stary Rynek 49, Poznań
  • GRAMOFON - ul. Wrocławska 5, Poznań
  • Juice Drinkers (Dąbrowskiego) - 
  • Juice Drinkers (Fredry) - ul. Dąbrowskiego 8, Poznań
  • KOMBINAT - ul. Kościelna 48, Poznań
  • M Onigiri & Sweets - ul. Taylora 1, Poznań
  • Mamma Patata - ul. Wodna 7/1, Poznań
  • Marchewkowe Pole - pl. Gen. Andersa 5, Poznań
  • Pierożak Pierogarnia - ul. Wrocławska 23, Poznań
  • Pizza a Pezzi - ul. Ratajczaka 36, Poznań
  • Ramen-Ya - ul. Kościelna 4, Poznań
  • Razowa bistro - ul. Wrocławska 20, Poznań
  • Sorrir Superfood Cafe & Delivery - ul. Ratajczaka 18d, Poznań
  • Sztos - ul. Żurawia 19, Poznań
  • Świetlica - Kawiarnia w Zamku - ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań
  • Yetztu - Ramen - ul. Krysiewicza 6, Poznań
  • Zuppi - ul. Święty Marcin 63, PoznańIzmir Kebab - ul. Ratajczaka 3a, Poznań



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