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The lifestyle and work pace are ever-changing, and one of the reasons why we choose to eat out more and more, also at the start of the day. For some it is a professional necessity, for others - an way of spending a lazy morning. Both seek tasty, fresh breakfasts, available at early hours of the day. Poznań’s breakfast spots are scattered all over the city, which is often the reason for choosing your favorite one - is convenience not important, on our way to work or school? If you are still on the lookout for your favorite brekkie spot, we are happy to share our faves with you. Here, they are listed in the order of earliest opening hours on workdays.

Bo. Poznań

Kościuszki 84, Poznań


phone no.: +48 61 226 78 65 


Bo. is still riding the wave of popularity - and well deservedly, too. The food is quick and tasty and the place is perfect for a business meeting over coffee or a little laptop time with a slice of delicious cake. Bo.’s yet another excellent season culminated with a mention in the prestigious Gault&Millau Polska culinary guide for 2019, appearing in the new category of POP. Their creative and tasty dishes are a recurring theme in conversations of guests and critics alike, and the restaurant is one of Poznań’s most interesting breakfast spots. Some of their staples have even been copied by other restaurants. Be sure to try the full English, the salmon rolls and the black pudding brioche. Customer loyalty is rewarded with a discount.


Bo. Poznań - Kościuszki 84, Poznań


Republika Róż

Plac Kolegiacki 2a, Poznań


phone no.: +48 61 852 20 31


Republika Róż has a wide variety of breakfast offers ranging from great sets to an “all you can eat” buffet on selected days. Breakfasts are served 6 days a week from 9am. On the menu there are also delicious desserts, a fabulous lunch offer and endless teas, coffees, wines, ciders and meads. The interior design of conveniently located, pastel Republika Róż will be a big favourite particularly among the ladies. You can eat inside or out, feasting your eyes on the beautiful architecture of Poznań City Council buildings. Be sure to check out the room below Republika’s main hall - not many people know it even exists. 



Garbary 67a, Poznań


phone no.: +48 511 455 959


Orzo appeared in Poznań in mid-2018 and moved into the two storeys of a newly refurbished townhouse on the corner of Poznań Old Town’s streets of Garbary and Wielka. Each detail has been meticulously planned and executed - interior design, menu, standard of service and promotion plans. Ever since its opening day, Orzo is always filled with people and serving breakfasts from the early hours of the morning. Integral parts of the open plan kitchen are the DJ podium and the long, curb bar. The breakfast offer is not only really tasty - on the weekday offer with coffee it costs a mere 10 PLN (~EUR 2.50)! There are a few sets to choose from which make this the best brekky offer in town! PS. At Orzo, please wait to be seated. 


ŻUK breakfast&lunch&dinner

Warmińska 1, Poznań


phone no.: +48 731 408 233


ŻUK  breakfast&lunch&dinner is a brand new place which has just opened in the tennis court area of Poznań’s Golęcin district. On route from Park Sołacki to Lake Rusałka there is an ice cream booth and an outdoor seating area. As you move forward, you will see ŻUK, the newly built restaurant and cafe which also serves breakfasts. There is no problem with parking the car nearby and heading out for a walk around the lake or park your bike for a while for a quick pitstop. It is a great starting point for the lovers of active leisure - cyclists, walkers (nordic or otherwise) and joggers. The new menu will be tweaked along the way to match the guest’s expectations but already includes such crowd favorites as scrambled eggs, omelettes and sausages as well as freshly made waffles. 


Mówish Mash

Zwierzyniecka 41, Poznań


phone no.: +48 573 938 989


Mówisz Mash opened in late 2018 on the corner of Jeżyce’s Zwierzyniecka and Kraszewskiego, adding tasty breakfasts to this popular foodie district’s rich offer. They also serve homemade cakes and great coffee, but it is the breakfasts that make this place exceptional in our eyes. On weekdays, breakfasts are served from 7.30am and on weekends - at 10am. The breakfast offer is tasty, nicely served and varied. The coffee is also excellent and it is worth mentioning that the water in the carafe placed on the bookstand is free of charge. If you are looking for a place for some laptop email time over a nice cuppa - Mówisz Mash is the answer. We have been here numerous times - we checked all the breakfast items on offer and we can honestly say they did not disappoint. Try for yourself!



Żydowska 29, Poznań


phone no.: +48 726 185 503


The Bardzo menu lists 5 breakfast offers served with the GODny bakery bread and toppings such as gochugaru mayo (with Korean pepper), muhammara (baked pepper and walnut paste) or dukkah (Egyptian spice mix). All served with a smile and supporting a higher cause. The eggs come from happy free-range hens, the coffee from a global fairtrade chain and the aforementioned bread supplier is known to everybody by name.  Here, each slice of bread, each cake and each and every coffee bean has their own story to tell and carries meaning which can be discussed further with the lovely staff in an informal, relaxing atmosphere. It is undoubtedly very charming and vital to many of us. The coffee and brekky combo costs around 30 PLN (~EUR 7).


Młyńska Cafe

Młyńska 12, Poznań


phone no.: +48 606 431 689


Kick the day off Parisian style! Cafe Młyńska is another great result of the Młyńska 12 concept - this time focusing on breakfasts. If you don’t have the time to sit down for brekky, keep in mind that the Big Bonjour’s French recipe-based, home baked goods are also available to take away. Baguettes, croissants and other sweet pastries fill the entire place with a heavenly aroma. A breakfast here goes well with a cup of tea, coffee or the fantastic cold brew - or even a glass of bubbly for the brunch lovers. Cafe Młyńska is open Monday to Friday from 7am. 



Jackowskiego 43, 60-513 Poznań


phone no.: +48 781 822 077


Although AleKosmos is mostly known for its baked goods, it is worth keeping in mind that from Tuesday to Sunday it also offers a great selection of breakfast items, served on weekdays from 9am and on weekends from 10am. On the all-day breakfast menu there are such favorites as sweet porridge, two kinds of omelettes, avocado and egg toast and two kinds of shakshuka. The breakfast menu items without drinks are priced up to 30 PLN (~EUR 7) and you can add a cup of delicious coffee to it for a few bucks more. The two owners of AleKosmos break the stereotype of the baked goods business being female dominated - they are two cool guys. In the summer of 2019, AleKosmos changed its location to a bigger place in Poznań’s Jeżyce district - to broaden its and its guests culinary horizons - and is open till 4pm.



Prusa 4/2, Poznań


phone no.: +48 501 031 787


Popular for its excellent coffee, Uno (previously aptly named Uno Espresso) has recently introduced a breakfast offer into their menu. Located in Prusa street, it is basically a bit off the Jeżyce’s foodie track. If you have been there before, it must be because you live in Jeżyce or it was recommended to you by a regular - and rightfully so! On the breakfast menu there are eggs Benedict, goat’s cheese on toast, fruit granola, toast, omelettes and shakshuka. The goat’s cheese omelette in particular is to die for! Uno is also, of course, coffee which we should have mentioned at the very start. There is aeropress, drip, chemex and espresso machine coffee… and to top it off, there are teas, lemonades, hot chocolates and fruit and veg smoothies. Do try Uno - and keep in mind, the parking is rather limited so maybe consider coming by bike or public transport. 


Petit Paris Sołacz

Al. Wielkopolska 40a, 60-608 Poznań


phone no.: +48 61 890 56 03


Petit Paris is located in the green area between Park Sołacki and Park Wodziczki. This is the second location of the chain in Poznań and they are both in the French “boulangerie” style which is a bakery serving sandwiches, omelettes, soups, salads, quiches, tarts and crepes as well as coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juices, all also available to take away. The cafe is open 7 days a week on weekdays and Saturdays from 8am and on Sundays from 9am. Petit Paris is the perfect breakfast and lunch spot, as well as an excellent pitstop during a family walk in Park Sołacki. The vicinity of walking areas and two playgrounds create many opportunities to take the family to this part of town. There is a small, free parking facility outside the cafe.


Kahawa Kawa i Książka

Cyryla Ratajskiego 10d, Poznań


phone no.: +48 601 764 764


Kahawa is the place for a tasty breakfast, lunch, slice of pie, a cup of coffee and… a book, as the name Kawa i Książka (coffee and book) suggests. You can have the superb African coffee on the spot or buy the beans to brew it at home. The friendly staff will advise on which coffee and method of preparation to choose and which one to take home with you. This place really has a charming “old bookshop” vibe with a few coffee tables for a yummy breakfast, the aforementioned lunch or the excellent baked goods - with a cup of coffee or tea to wash it down, or water, juice or bottled Wostok lemonade. The menu lists granola, sandwiches, omelettes and eggs, plus four light lunch items, ideal for a quick bite on the go. On weekdays, the breakfast is served from 8.30am, lunch between 1pm and 6pm. Check it out - the full menu is also available online.



Poznańska 1/34, Poznań


phone no.: +48 882 011 732


Zakwas is mainly a bakery which, in its first location, had very limited conditions for serving breakfast. It was charming in its own way, but too often it was impossible to find even a square of free space. Today, the spacious new Zakwas offers a breakfast menu in a few classic varieties served with their own homemade bread baked right there on the spot. You can have your brekky with a cup of lovely coffee from an espresso machine and after, take a pastry to go, but remember - the sweet baked goods are not always available first thing in the morning as this is mainly the time to bake and sell bread. From the brekky offer we recommend the porridge, eggs sunny side up, as well as salmon and BLT sandwiches.



Kraszewskiego 12/2, Poznań


phone no.: +48 664 141 155


Święty was supposed to be a bakery - but in time, the idea appeared to start also serving breakfast on the basis of their excellent, homemade breads. And so, you can have one of the many sweet of savoury breakfast items, have a coffee and pastry on the spot or buy a tasty sweet treat and a sandwich to take away. The interior’s staple is the magnificent stained glass which is inspired by Jeżyce district’s architecture traditions. Our absolute favorite was the prawn roll - mostly because of the delicious dressing - be sure to try them!



Św. Marcin 14, Poznań


phone no.: +48 698 953 162


Open 7 days a week from 8am till 9pm, on Sundays from 9am, Miel’s breakfast menu includes a few types of croissants, an avocado salad and homemade granola. To go with your meal, you can choose between coffee from an espresso machine, a drip or a chemex, or from a wide variety of teas, water, soft drinks and freshly squeezed juices as well as a selection of craft beers and wines. The house wine and prosecco are also available by the glass. Miel is a great place for breakfast or for some laptop and good coffee time.


Other places to check out:

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  • Jaglana - Kramarska 1/5, Poznań
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  • Lars, Lars & Lars - Wojskowa 4, Poznań
  • Lavenda cafe & lunch - Wodna 3/4, Poznań
  • Le Targ - Półwiejska, Poznań (Stary Browar)
  • Manekin - Kwiatowa 3, Poznań
  • Manekin - Mickiewicza 24, Poznań
  • Minister Cafe - Ratajczaka 34, Poznań
  • Mo.Bar - Wroniecka 18, Poznań
  • Oskoma - Mickiewicza 9, 60-833 Poznań
  • Parle Patisserie - Grunwaldzka 33C, Poznań
  • Plan -  Za Groblą 2/1, Poznań
  • Polka Bistro - Święty Marcin 76, Poznań
  • Projekt Wilson - Matejki 56, Poznań
  • Ptasie Radio - Kościuszki 74, Poznań
  • Razowa bistro - Wrocławska 20, Poznań
  • Stragan - Ratajczaka 31, Poznań
  • Szarlotta Bistro - Świętosławska 12, Poznań
  • Tinta Bar - Al. Marcinkowskiego 26, Poznań
  • Yeżyce Kuchnia - Szamarzewskiego 17, Poznań
  • Zagrodnicza Cafe - Królowej Jadwigi 60, Poznań
  • Zielona Weranda -Paderewskiego 7, Poznań
  • Zwierzyniecka Cafe - Zwierzyniecka 12, Poznań



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