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Smart casual

“Smart casual” usually refers to style of clothing and means as much as elegant, but relaxed. This term is also present in the culinary world, where the ambitious, refined culinary creations are often accompanied by a relaxed, unrestricted atmosphere. This is present not merely in the guests’ clothes or moods, but also in the attitude of the staff who, with their good spirits and relaxed behavior, far away from the near-military drill of savoir-vivre, help the guests feel at home. Such state naturally takes a certain expertise in standing canons and substantial skill, but it is absolutely possible to achieve; furthermore, it is increasingly expected and practiced.


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ul. Grunwaldzka 248, Poznań

www.facebook.com/restauracjaautentyk | tel. +48 666 400 419


Ernest Jagodziński has tied his stay in Poznań with CUCINA restaurant in City Park a number of years ago, and he has been the creative force there since its opening days, making CUCINA the arena of his many successes thanks to his talent and diligence. It was a perfect project of sorts and it has the recognition of both guests and critics to show for it. 2016 has brought Jagodziński at the helm of CUCINA a prestigious honor - three chef’s hats from the Gault&Millau Polska food guide.... (read more...)


ul. Grunwaldzka 248, Poznań


Stary Rynek 73-74, Poznań
https://www.facebook.com/Brovaria | tel.: +48 61 858 68 68


Brovaria on the Old Market Square is a mini-brewery, an excellent restaurant and a romantic, three-star hotel. Tasty dishes of the Brovaria restaurant can be enjoyed at the bar, in the lively beer room, in the atmospheric cellars or in the elegant lunch room. Culinary creations taste great in combination with beer produced in Brovaria, which is available in many, also seasonal varieties. Beer brewed in Brovaria, won at the end of 2017 three gold medals in the prestigious craft beer competition.


Concordia Taste

ul. Zwierzyniecka 3, Poznań
https://www.facebook.com/ConcordiaTastePoznan | tel.: +48 61 667 44 19


The restaurant is housed in a restored building of a nineteenth-century printing house converted into the Concordia Design Center. After several years of operation, the restaurant moved from the ground floor to the basement of the building, and the entrance to it is on the side of a beautiful courtyard, from which you can enter up to seven bars, cafes and restaurants. Moving meant designing and furnishing the premises from scratch. So we have an old, experienced thought Concordi in completely new, very impressive interiors. The open kitchen is located in the central part of the restaurant, the space of which has been arranged in several styles. It's a great treatment!


F Delicious

ul. Wojskowa 4, 60-792 Poznań

https://www.facebook.com/fingdelicious/ | tel.: +48 727 627 777


F Delicious is a very interesting and refined gastronomic project, ranked among the top 10 restaurants in Poznań. Every foodie should take a pinch of this place and visit it as soon as possible. Located in the City Park / Stare Koszary complex, the restaurant  offers European cuisine in an excellent, quality, original edition. On the plates we find taste, idea, precision and culinary artistry. Effective, refined dishes will please the palate and at the same time will please the eye and the lens. A "must do" for every gourmet.



ul. Grunwaldzka 512, Plewiska
https://www.facebook.com/RestauracjaFiga | tel. +48 601 174 749


Figa has been operating on the market for almost four years. It's a nice building, interesting interior, well-kept garden and nice, close to the restaurant, competent service. We will find here elegance, which does not overwhelm and ambitious cuisine, which does not embarrass. After three extraordinary years spent with chef Lech Pluciński, Dawid Klimaniec took over the reins in Fega. Dawid managed not only to maintain a high culinary level of the restaurant, but also to keep the prestigious distinctions of the Gault & Millau Polska publishing house. The new boss is a new style, but the same quality, for which the fig is liked and appreciated. We recommend!


ul. Grunwaldzka 512, Plewiska (Poznań)



ul. Ratajczaka 27, 61-815 Poznań

https://www.facebook.com/fromazeria/ | +48 61 200 11 96


Have you heard the rumors about Poland's first cheese bar? Fromażeria in Poznań is the first place in the country that serves pairings of cheeses and carefully selected beers or wines as well as sides emphasizing the uniqueness of each cheese variety. Cheese can also be found there as a prominent ingredient of starters and main dishes, including an authentic Swiss fondue. The words we would use to describe the experience are tasty, pleasant and professional. If you don't have time for the whole meal, drop by and get a set of cheeses and a bottle of wine to go. It is a great idea for a tasty evening at home or for an unusual gift for your loved ones. An interesting, impressive interior completes the whole and makes a visit to Fromażeria a very interesting event.



ul. Libelta 33, Poznań

https://www.facebook.com/l33bistrobar | +48 572 324 649


In the summer of 2021, the historic tenement house at Libelta 33 turned into a spectacular hotel with an excellent restaurant and gin bar. The hotel operates under the name Liberté 33, and the gastronomic section as L33 Bistro & Bar. The facility set the bar high for itself and proves at every step that it is able to maintain the assumed direction. In subsequent versions of the menu, chefs offer European cuisine in a nice, but above all very tasteful edition. We will eat here an excellent city lunch, a light lunch and an exquisite dinner, accompanied by well-selected wine, and end with an amazing cocktail. Modern, elegant design and efficient service are the big advantages of the L33.



Nifty No. 20 (Puro Hotel)

ul. Stawna 12, Poznań
https://www.facebook.com/nifty20 | tel.: +48 61 333 10 00


Designer and colorful Nifty No. 20 is the restaurant of the four-star Hotel Puro. Nifty escapes everything that is template, formal and boring. Everything is permitted here, apart from bad kitchen and sour expression. The restaurant surprises with both decor and excellent food. The menu features popular dishes of various European cuisines, enriched with regional Polish accents. The restaurant is located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Market.


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