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With a beer in hand

The tradition of Wielkopolska brewing and the history of Poznań breweries are material for a thick book. Dozens of breweries operated in the area of ​​today's Old Town, of which only a vague memory remains. Restaurant breweries, although there are several of them and they are excellent, are still a rarity in Poznań. Fortunately, many pubs and restaurants offer a wide range of beer, taking advantage of the renaissance of craft brewing.

Below you will find information about a few places where beer plays an important, if not the main role. These are places where they know almost everything about beer. Here you not only drink beer, but also talk about it. Syle, brewing methods, aromatic nuances and food pairing are topics that have been associated only with winemaking for years. The current "beer drinker" is a man with broad gastronomic horizons and vast knowledge of brewing. It is a great companion and a mine of anecdotes. You can also expect interesting stories and help in understanding the beer abyss from the service of beer venues. These people are constantly learning and developing all the time. A place where the bartender "doesn't know" would have no chance to recognize the beer world.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020