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NOVA Restaurant

When arriving at popular tourist places, we tend to spend a lot of the time in restaurants, bars and cafés. Whenever we try to decide on a dinner or lunch venue in, say, Paris or Barcelona, we are immediately surrounded by gastronomical touts, prepared even to kidnap us, just to seat us at the only good table in town. Poznań's Old Market Square has become somewhat like these other European cities in this regard, and it's no wonder. A constant influx of tourists means more and more new customers, ready to hear about what your venue has to offer. In practice however, this means us tourists are faced with a challenge of choosing the one interesting place while surrounded by a multitude of offers and "aided" by the noisy touts. The choice is, as always, very difficult.


When faced with a question about a "safe choice restaurant", one of the recommendations is definitely NOVA. But before we talk about what NOVA is, let us start with the "safe choice" option, or what we see as a working title for a place with tasty cuisine, reasonable prices and an offer universal enough to please parties with very varied tastes. In terms of a lunch for a group of tourists, or business partners, whose tastes we have not had the chance to know, or our own family, the choice is often NOVA. The menu is varied and interesting enough for everyone to find something for themselves. Warm and cold starters, soups, salads, fish, meats, pastas, pizzas and burgers ensure a multitude of choices. In the age of petite, designer menus, such diversity is slowly becoming a rarity. It is still the best solution for a group with varied tastes who wish to enjoy multiple choices of cuisines at one table. Tasty, simple and with no surprises.




We had the chance to try many dishes here, and we did so with pleasure. In spite of our appreciation for this place as being universal, our hearts have been stolen by the regional duck and zurek soup with white sausage. You never know- perhaps one of your visitors might ask about a local specialty? Then, quoting us, recommend them the duck confit - it's magnificent!


Nova is a very recommendable spot. It has experienced owners with many years of presence on the Poznań culinary market. They know what they want to offer, who they offer it to and why. You may remember them from Waga Miejska, where they run the very popular Czerwone Sombrero.


The cozy interior will work both for lunch, dinner and an evening with a bottle of wine. The beer, wine and cocktail offer makes it an ideal spot for an evening outing with a group of friends, without having to talk over loud music and to fight for a spot at the bar. If you like Nova, and you would like to go back there in a larger group, keep in mind that the restaurant also has an elegant, spacious upstairs area, perfect for closed parties and private bookings. The upstairs room offers a lovely view of the Town Hall, and a cozy mood is created by the wood burning open fireplace.



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See you at Nova!

NOVA Restaurant


Restauracja NOVA

Stary Rynek 94, 60-101 Poznań
www.nova-restaurant.pl   |   e-mail: info@nova-restaurant.pl   |   +48 61 855 15 30


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