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Eatalia - Italian flavours from Borówiec finally in Poznań

Our friends, when asked about a good place to eat around Poznań, will most probably mention Eatalia restaurant in Borówiec, in very consistent unison. It has gained its popularity with tasty Italian cuisine, based in fresh ingredients and simple, classic ideas. In April 2016, the restaurant opened its branch in Poznań, taking up a part of the building occupied by a new four-star hotel at Gołębia Street, at the very heart of the city.


Eatalia is a part of Palazzo Rosso, a hotel located in a historic, beautifully renovated townhouse in the immediate vicinity of the Old Market Square in Poznań. The entrance is from Wrocławska Street, and the space you see upon entering is just the proverbial tip of an iceberg. In the basements there are five more rooms, with capacity to seat 80 people. Stone and brick walls of the basements have been renovated with attention to every detail, which gives the whole place a unique character. The restaurant is open 7 days a week between midday and 10pm (Sundays 8pm).



The menu is an exact copy of the one in Borówiec, so beloved by the patrons. The kitchen is also run by the same chefs - so no need to worry whether or not the dishes you order here represent the same high quality as the ones in Borówiec. Trust the chefs when they say - why yes, they do.


See Eatalia menu - menu



The culinary adventure with Eatalia is best started with beef tartar or a carpaccio - a real testament to the freshness of the dishes served here. As you will be able to observe on the menu, next to the true Italian classics there are a number of Polish regional dishes, as a nod to the tourists and lovers of traditional homemade cuisine. There is duck - one of Poznań’s most characteristic regional dishes. The meats, like the exquisite and tender beef cheeks, are prepared in low temperature using the popular sous vide method.


The appeal of Italian cuisine needs no further introduction - simple and tasty, based on original Italian ingredients - it basically fends for itself. Real Mozzarella di Bufala, pecorino, gorgonzola and parmesan cheeses or Parma ham know no equals, and their continuous presence in culinary magazines guarantees patron satisfaction. Salads, pasta and pizzas, available in a number of varieties, are the main part of the menu. It is thanks to them that the restaurant has gained its Mediterranean character and informal charm.


The two-course lunch menu (29PLN) is available between midday and 5pm.


There is also a respectable choice of steak on the menu. Eatalia takes challenges head on and invites one and all for a meaty feast. Whether or not their steaks can be a candidate for the best steak in town is entirely up to you!




Eatalia Poznań

Gołębia 6, 61-834 Poznań

www.eatalia.pl  |  www.facebook.com/Eeatalia | phone no. +48 61 278 71 86 / phone no. +48 502 580 950

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