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Burger 2.0

Der Zugang zu frischen Zutaten und die wachsenden Ansprüche der Kunden haben den Burger neu definiert. Ausgezeichnete Backwaren, ausgesuchtes Fleisch und Soßen aus eigener Herstellung haben einen neuen Qualitätsstandard geschaffen, der einen Wandel vom populären Fast Food hin zu einer kulinarischen Kreation verursacht hat. Die neuen Geschmacksrichtungen begegnen uns in kleinen Bars und Bistros genauso wie in eleganten Restaurants. Burger 2.0 haben eine ausgefeilte Rezeptur und man bekommt sie in vielen gemütlichen Lokalen oder bunten Food-Trucks an verschiedenen Orten der Stadt.


Fat Bob Burger

ul. Kramarska 21, 61-765 Poznań
Facebook  | tel.: +48 794 939 333
Fat Bob Burger has been on the food market for several years now. Right after opening, the word on the street was that this was a place popular among Poznań’s chefs who supposedly raved over the meat quality and its preparation. Whether or not this is true, Fat Bob Burger did cause quite the stir on Poznań’s burger scene. The restaurant has undergone a slight refurbishment in size and continues to serve tasty and popular burgers. A semi-open plan kitchen means some of the guests may leave the place smelling of what they just ate, so maybe if you plan on going there immediately before a theater visit, you might be a bigger star than those appearing on stage.


Gołe Baby

ul. Wrocławska 17, 61-838 Poznań
www.facebook.com/golebabypoznan | tel.: +48 884 888 507


Gołe Baby could appear and disappear after a few months, as many other unnoticed burger bars. Meanwhile, the restaurant quickly came to the awareness of foodies. This is a repeated recommendation. The restaurant offers six different burgers and four ways to serve French fries. Is this combination a revolution? It looks. This shows that the culinary horizon is still a lot, you just have to ... serve tasty and repeatable food. Big congratulations!


Gołe Baby - ul. Wrocławska 17, Poznań


Food Patrol

ul. Piekary 1 (róg ul. Św. Marcin), Poznań
www.foodpatrol.pl | tel.: +48 882 736 437


Food Patrol is one of the precursors of burger revival in Poznań. The appearance of the orange foodtruck echoed loudly and became an inspiration for many followers. The car, from which the burgers are sold straight to the hands of passers-by, bravely faced the competition while remaining in the first division. Despite the passage of time, the place has not lost its original charm, and most importantly the taste.


Święta Krowa

ul. Kościelna 9, Poznań
www.facebook.com/swkrowa | tel.: +48 536 014 135 (Kościelna) | +48 570 452 752 (Kwiatowa)


Święta Krowa is a place where you can taste homemade burgers prepared one hundred percent from beef. The menu offers a few fixed items from classic to more crazy and bold. Every month, the seasonal burger changes on the menu. Saint Cow has two locations. The second address is ul. Kwiatowa 1 (departs from Półwiejska Street).



SomePlace Else (Sheraton Poznań Hotel)

ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznań
www.poznan.someplace-else.pl | tel.: +48 61 655 20 00


Good music, professional service and exquisite Tex-Mex cuisine are the distinguishing features of the branded SomePlace Else. The pub is a separate part of the Sheraton hotel, where Poznań residents and international guests can afford a bit of slack. In the menu SomePlace Else we find excellent burgers served with salads and thick fries. It is a real feast for fans of American cuisine.


Whiskey in the Jar

Stary Rynek 56 oraz Stary Rynek 100, Poznań
www.whiskeyinthejar.pl | tel.: +48 690 288 898


The hallmark of the restaurant is good music, professional service and excellent cuisine straight from the grill. Fans of rock'n'roll and solid food will be delighted with a large selection of XXL burgers, ribs and quality steaks. The restaurant, maintained in a motorcycle climate, will surprise you with the ubiquitous energy that will make you work the rest of the day or night. Live music and atmospheric styling of service will let you break away from reality, eat well and have fun.


Inne ciekawe adresy na www.burger.poznan.travel



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