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There are many shopping centers in Poznań offering many attractions alongside shopping. The largest of them have over 200 stores. Shopping centers also often have cafes, restaurants, cinemas, bowling or other leisure activities on offer. See where you can go to do a really big shop and also have a nice time.

Stary Browar 5050
ul. Półwiejska 42
Tel: +48 61 859 60 50, +48 61 667 14 00


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9 -  21, working Sun 10 - 20





Information point Atrium
Tel.: +48 61 859 60 50, email.: informacja@starybrowar.com

Information point Pasaż
Tel.: +48 61 667 14 00, email.: informacja@starybrowar.com


Not just a shopping center, but also art - surrounded by the highest class of architecture referring to the 19th century industrial style. Over 200 stores, more than a dozen restaurants and cafes, a theater, a concert hall, exhibition areas, 8 cinema screening rooms, music club and a historical park - all of this in the unique architectural spaces of the 19th century Hugger brewery.




ul. Pleszewska 1
Tel.: +48 61 628 65 27, +48 61 628 65 29


Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10 -  22, working Sun 10 - 21





Information point Tel.: +48 61 628 65 27
Information point Concierge Tel.: +48 61 628 65 29


Posnania offers the largest selection of brands in Poznań. In a bright, modern interior, customers will find 260 stores as well as 40 restaurants and cafes. The whole is complemented by a rich entertainment offer: a cinema, a bowling alley, a fitness club with a swimming pool and exceptional services such as Concierge or Hands Free Shopping, which make shopping easier and ensure enjoyable leasure time. Attractive architecture, designer furniture alongside the installations and sculptures of European artists integrate the lifestyle of Posnania - the largest shopping destination in the city.





ul. Matyi 2
Tel.:. +48 61 667 39 95


Opening hours: Mon- Sat 9-21, working Sun 9-20




Avenida is one of Wielkopolska’s largest shopping centers, with a joint acreage of 60 thousand square meters on three levels, housing more than 200 shops and 30 restaurants and cafes. There is a parking facility for up to 1500 vehicles at the clients’ disposal (3 hours of parking for free) as well as a specialised bicycle parking facility for cyclists. The center is in direct vicinity of the bus and train station.




Poznań Plaza
ul. Drużbickiego 2
Tel.:  +48 61 664 59 00


Opening hours: Mon- Sat 9:30-21, working Sun 10-20




Poznań Plaza harmoniously combines shopping and entertainment functions for the whole family. In the center there are shops of many well-known brands as well as service premises. After successful shopping, customers can take advantage of the rich offer of the restaurant, relax with a cup of coffee in one of the numerous cafes and relax and watch the latest film productions in the Cinema City cinema with 9 screens and the only three-dimensional IMAX 3D cinema in the city.




Galeria Pestka
Al. Solidarności 47
Tel.: +48 61 667 36 70


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9-21, working Sun 10-20




Galeria Pestka is a modern, family oriented shopping center with 70 shops of popular brands (such as Carrefour, Media Markt, Bricomarche, C&A, Intersport, KappAhl), service points, a food court and Jatomi Fitness center. Anyone can find something attractive here - especially kids, who can enjoy the playground and trampoline park - Enegri Super Park. The center has a free outside and underground parking facility for up to 1000 vehicles as well as amenities for the disabled. On the first level, there is a huge entertainment space with one of the largest indoor playgrounds for children in Poland - Lider, a 24/7 CityFit gym and a trampoline park, Grawitacja station.




King Cross Marcelin
ul. Bukowska 156
Tel.: +48 61 886 04 02


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-20




King Cross Marcelin is the only shopping center located in the western part of the city, on the main street connecting the city center with the Ławica Airport. The perfect location ensures trouble-free communication for both Poznań residents and customers. The center offers customers over 120 stores with national and global brands. Numerous dining options offer a varied cuisine.




Kupiec Poznański
pl. Wiosny Ludów 2
Tel.: +48 61 850 88 01


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 11-19




Kupiec Poznański is a modern shopping and office center located at the very heart of Poznań. The six-floor building is situated along the main shopping trail, and is both modern in design and functional, while at the same time fitting into the historical character of the Old Town. Kupiec has over 30 thousand square meters of acreage and 150 places in the underground parking facility, 3 floors of shopping area and 3 floors of office space with nearly 100 tenants.




M1 Centrum Handlowe
ul. Szwajcarska 14
Tel.: +48 61 87 45 770


Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-20





M1 Shopping Center in Poznań is a facility with both large-scale - Media Markt, Auchan, H&M, Reserved, Deichmann, Rossman - and smaller scale shops as well as service points, restaurants and cafes all under one roof. In one of its passages, there is a playground with the smallest shoppers in mind where parents can leave their children to be professionally minded while they shop.




Factory Poznań
ul. Dębiecka 1, Luboń
Tel.: +48 61 652 30 30


Opening hours: Fri 10-21, Sat 9-21, Sun 9-20




A shopping center situated near the southern border of the city, offering discounts of 30-70% all year round. Factory Outlet is over 90 shops offering clothes by Polish and international brands. It also offers a kids’ playground, restaurants and a cafe.


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