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Polish Congress Ambassadors Program

The title of the Polish Congress Ambassador is awarded to persons who in their respective communities, especially foreign, promote and raise awareness of Poland’s many attributes, and actively contribute to the choice of Poland as the place for the next international event.

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program is run by the Polish Tourism Organization as well as a NGO - the Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association. It aims to promote Poland as the place to organize international congresses and conferences, acquiring congresses and providing effective assistance in attracting such events to Poland via Poles who are active in the structures of international organizations, such as scientists and professionals from various industries.


Below, you can see a list of representatives of the Poznań and Wielkopolska region, awarded in various editions of the Program (scientific titles and degrees are given in their original form).




  • Prof. dr hab. inż. Joanna Józefowska, Politechnika Poznańska, Wydział Informatyki, Zakład Badań Operacyjnych i Sztucznej Inteligencji
  • Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Wallas, Wydział Nauk Politycznych i Dziennikarstwa Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu





  • Prof. dr hab. n. med. Honorata Shaw, Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  • Prof. dr hab. n. med. Grzegorz Oszkinis, Poznan University of Medical Sciences





  • Prof. dr hab. n. med. Leszek Romanowski, Wiktor Dega Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences





  • Dr n. med. Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz, Wielkopolska Oncology Center
  • Prof. nzw. dr hab. Jan Fazlagić, Poznan University of Economics and Business





  • Dr n. ekon. Andrzej Byrt, Poznan International Fair





  • Prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Domański, Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Zawirski, Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Control and Information Engineering





  • Prof. dr hab. Anna Latos-Bieleńska, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Genetics
  • Prof. zw. dr hab. Bogdan Marciniec, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Faculty of Chemistry





  • Prof. dr hab. Jan Węglarz, Poznan University of Technology, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center







fot. Aleksander Rudawski

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020