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A top standard hotel in the city center - check. A well equipped and spacious conference room - check. An elegant restaurant for an evening meal - check. Ideas for spending free time after the conference or entertainment after a long contract negotiation - check.This is TOP Incentive in Poznań - showcasing Poznań as an excellent choice for conferences as well as team building and relaxation during business trips.

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Nowe Żeglarstwo - Yachting (min: 6 people, max: 30 people) 


  • a modern marina 20 minutes from the center of Poznan,
  • designer sailing training program, creating brand new and easier sailing,
  • water sports center, an ideal spot to catch some wind in your sails,
  • the most state of the art charter yacht fleet in Wielkopolska.



fot. Nowe Żeglarstwo


 Where? CLICK (google maps)





 +48 607 095 232





Croissant Museum - Poznań’s Sweetest Symbol (up to 100 people) 


  • discover the secrets of Poznań’s greatest culinary treasure - the St Martin’s Croissant,
  • a live, humorous telling of the history of the St Martin’s croissant, baking them together and a lesson in Poznań dialect,
  • an interactive and humorous form of the show,
  • all of this in the interiors of a historic townhouse with a view of the City Hall,
  • shows performed in Polish, English, German or French.



fot. Jakub Pindych, Poznan.travel


Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Szymon Walter


 +48 690 077 800







Dragon Boat Racing and Malta lake water atractions (number of participants is dependent on type of event)



  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Canoe Regatta
  • RIB Motorboats
  • Canoe Racing
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Fly Board



The charming scenery of Lake Malta and its surrounding greenery is the perfect location to organize recreational and entertaining events which will remain in the memory for a long time. This perfect location together with the picturesque area and the rich infrastructure allows to expand the existing events with numerous, sometimes unique attractions only available at Lake Malta.


Dragon Boat Racing

For a number of seasons, the organization of Dragon Boat Racing has become one of the most popular group attractions. The spectacularity of this event as well as the joyous atmosphere during the races of the 11-person “dragons” fueled by 10 rowers and a drummer convinces many clients to choose this form of competition. The offer includes a comprehensive service of the race, with contender changing rooms, professional helmsmen, lifeguard assistance, referees and professional Omega timekeeping. Depending on the need, the attraction can be organized in the form of group rivalry or recreational cruises.



fot. POSIR Malta


 Where?  CLICK




 Jacek Kubiak POSiR o/Malta




 +48 (61) 876 60 11




Termy Maltańskie: Aquapark, Pool and Sauna Complex (over 1000 people)



  • poland’s most modern and largest sports and recreation water complex, using natural thermal water in the very center of Poznań,
  • sports pools with an olympic 50-meter pool,
  • an aquapark with many slides, jacuzzi as well as an indoor beach with seasand and beach chairs,
  • one of the largest sauna complexes in Poland with up to 14 saunas of varied temperature and humidity levels,
  • a professional SPA 1306 with 17 centers,
  • poznań’s must-see attraction,
  • multiple sports and water related attractions for groups,
  • a designated VIP area in the Sauna World, ideal for relaxation in a small circle.



fot. Termy Maltańskie


Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Julianna Kuszak, Specjalistka ds. sprzedaży.


  +48 (61) 222 61 18






GearUP! - A real commercial aircraft flight simulator (up to 30 people)



  • Feel and see:
  • 588 switches and buttons,
  • 235 controls,
  • 12 clocks and indicators,
  • 10 navigation displays,
  • 9 control levers,
  • 5 - meter HD closed circuit vision system surrounding the cockpit! 
  • 79 tonnes in your hands,
  • 189 passengers who trust your abilities,
  • thousands of airports, hundreds of scenarios, endless possibilities.


GearUP! is Poland’s only full sized and fully functional B737NG commercial aircraft flight simulator, opened in the fall of 2015. Forget boring joysticks, keyboards and commonplace solutions, used in many of the other flight simulators. Our device is an incredibly detailed replica of an actual cockpit where the controls, switches, displays and levers work exactly as they would in real life. Try out this professional commercial aircraft flight simulator and feel like a qualified pilot. 




fot. GearUp!



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Marcin Sułek, Events Coordinator


 +48 518 395 310






Poznań Race Track by Driving Experience (up to 35 people)


  • driving top sports vehicles - Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mustang GT, Nissan GTR and others
  • Lead and Follow - a ride on the fastest lane on the track, driving the incredible Driving Experience vehicles right behind highly professional instructors,
  • Co Drive - an exciting ride in the passenger’s seat as a navigator, with an experienced Driving Experience instructor behind the wheel (Kajetan Kajetanowicz, Wojciech Chuchała), performing most effective drifts at high speed and delivering unforgettable experiences
  • Emotion Tour - is emotions while driving on public roads behind the wheel of legendary, upscale or vintage cars.



fot. Drivign Experience


Zobacz video promujące Driving Experience m.in. na Torze Poznań (kliknij)



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Olga Szadowska


  (12) 417 39 53


 +48 668 833 953







City Event Poznań - team building events (number of participants is dependent on type of event)


  • more than just sightseeing!
  • combining theater and tourism, tourism and cooking, sightseeing and fancy dress, learning and entertainment,
  • bringing history to life through dress, speech, taste and sound - getting to know Poznań and Wielkopolska with all your senses.

A Poznań- style feast


  • Taste traditional Poznań and Wielkopolska delicacies in 3 unique style restaurants
  • Take part in Old Polish culinary rituals and travel back to the times of Sienkiewicz’s Trilogy at a lavishly set table,
  • Have Waćpanna or Szlachcic (Milady and Sire) be your guides - explain the culinary traditions in Old Polish dialect and show you the city from a completely different perspective.

Old Polish Liqueurs – tasting

  • Taste 4 liqueurs and infusions from various ingredients
  • Hear and see the unique history via photographs and stories from the producers themselves
  • Learn the basic rules of tasting and try them with selected liqueurs
  • Win valuable prizes in the Best Taster competition

Bimbą przez Poznań - Poznań by tram

  • See Poznań’s most important tourist attractions from the perspective of a vintage tram in much less time
  • Find out the contents of the mysterious packages with gadgets connected with the tour
  • Taste the St Martin’s Croissant while listening to a guide in a tram driver’s uniform
  • Don’t mind the weather and book a tour even in the autumn-winter season!



fot. City Event Poznań



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Piotr Oźmina


 +48 513 814 256


 +48 608 284 208







Fort Poznań Event Place - a historic fort as a team building location (number of participants is dependent on type of event)



  • history, passion, fun - one spot - Fort Poznań,
  • history is our passion and our entertainment - let us take you into our world and show you the unique perspectives of spending your free time a 19th century artillery fort has to offer,
  • an ideal spot for team building events, product launches, workshops, campfires, outdoor events and many others,
  • unforgettable experiences, unique interiors, a wide selection of themed attractions, a music and performances offer, remarkable catering service, lighting and stage effects...



fot Fort Poznań Event Place



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Izabela Błaszczyk


 +48 501 127 588






Fly Board - a hydroflight jetpack experience


  • a guaranteed “wow” effect - after 3-5 minutes you will be flying above water (excellent Facebook reviews - @latajacepapcie)
  • a fully controlled adrenaline rush
  • children, adults and even seniors all use flyboards - the limitations are only in your head!
  • Zapata Racing state-of-the-art equipment
  • as an event organizer we offer group bookings and team building scenarios for up to 200 people
  • each season, over 300 people flies with us and we perform more than a dozen shows adding excitement to sporting events (Poznań Triathlon), cultural events (festivals) as well as private events (wedding receptions).


FLY-BOARD.pl is the largest hydroflight center in central Europe. Many corporations, event agencies and over 4 thousand private persons are on the growing list of our satisfied customers. For three years now, we have been co-organizing the FLYCUP - a hydroflight competition series. Join us for a flight from May till October! In Poznań, we operate at Kaskada beach on Lake Kierskie. Each weekend you can book a flight in boots, with a jetpack or on a board. For more information, visit fly-board.pl 



fot. Fly Board



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Kajetan Sikorski


  +48 537 111 117





Joy Factory Inea Stadion - attractions at Poznań INEA Stadium



  • an exciting rooftop walk on the roof of INEA Stadium in Poznań
  • a zip-line ride (37 meters high, 170 meters long)
  • Poland’s highest swing
  • archery paintball



fot. Joy Factory


Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Joy Factory


 +48 786-130-132






Sobiesław Zasada Centrum



  • professional driving center,
  • events, presentations, shows and sporting activities,
  • Poland’s most modern and one of Europe’s best professional training module course,
  • training course,
  • racing course,
  • gokart course,
  • off-road courses,
  • training pavilion,
  • hotel accommodation.




fot. SZC



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Monika Marciniak


 +48 512 020 967







ŠKODA Autodrom Poznań (od 100 do 500 uczestników)



  • unforgettable adventure with motorisation,
  • unlimited possibilities of organizing dedicated trainings in the scope of perfecting the art of driving,
  • an excellent place to organize personalised, themed events,
  • Skoda AutoLab - experience simulations of rollover and collision and observe the braking distance depending on road conditions.



fot. Skoda Autodrom Poznań



Where? CLICK (google maps)





 Maciej Miller, ŠKODA Auto Szkoła


 +48 692 697 320


  +48 618932453






But wait! There is more!
For more attractions, check the list below.


Liczba w nawiasie podana przy nazwie obiektu określa kolejno

- minimalną liczbę uczestników, która niezbędna jest do zarezerwowania atrakcji i wykorzystania jej pełnego potencjału


- maksymalną liczbę uczestników, którą jest w stanie obsłużyć jednorazowo dostawca atrakcji 


More atractions:



United Paintball Starołęka  (6/100)

ul. Starołęcka 60, 61-361 Poznań




 508 373 364





Info: One of the most interesting paintball venues in Wielkopolska region is located at the very heart of the city - in Poznań’s Starołęka district. The surface of the terrain is very varied and ridged, and the altitude difference can even exceed 20 meters. In the area there are numerous attractions designed and appropriated especially to paintball.


Best time to use venue: March-November




Stok narciarski Malta Ski (1/no limit)

ul. Wiankowa 2, 61-131 Poznań


  Katarzyna Zaworska, katarzyna.zaworska@maltaski.pl.


 533 315 055





Info: Two ski slopes, located at the picturesque shore of Lake Malta, with two chairlifts and a ski tow, an equipment rental, skiing service and a staff of the best ski and snowboarding instructors in the winter season. The artificial turf which covers the slopes makes them independent from the weather’s whimseys and allows the pleasure of winter sports without having to leave the city, and even if the winter season is lacking snow.


Best time to use venue: All year round 




Letni Tor Saneczkowy Pepsi - Malta Ski (1/no limit)

ul. Wiankowa 2, 61-131 Poznań


 Katarzyna Zaworska,katarzyna.zaworska@maltaski.pl


533 315 055




Info: The toboggan run is located on the Kopiec Wolności slope - the highest elevation point around Lake Malta. It allows for a 530 meter rides down the winding, steel ramp in specially designed carts which imitate a toboggan. A varied route, many twists and turns and changes in gradient - all of this and more spells out great excitement.


Best time to use venue: All year round




Park linowy Pyrland Park (1/250)

ul. Baraniaka/Chartowo, Poznań




+48 660 048 901




Info: Pyrland Park Ropes Course is a recreational complex only a 10 minute car journey away from the city center.There are many routes to choose from, varying in difficulty. The park is filled with bridges and other obstacles. In Pyrland Park’s offer there are 5 routes with varying levels of difficulty, as well as an opportunity to slide down a 70-meter long rope.


Best time to use venue: For groups above 10 there is a possibility to rent the venue all year round. For individual customers, the Park is open in the spring-summer season.




United Paintball Szpital Owińska (6/100)

Cysterek 5, 62-005 Owińska




 508 373 364





Info: The abandoned former psychiatrical hospital in Owińska has been transformed into a unique paintball arena. Today it is a fantastic paintball venue - it allows the players to feel the atmosphere of days long gone and easily play the part of soldiers. The venue is located in the middle of a park where players can have a barbecue by the fire after their paintball battles.


Best time to use venue: March-November




Osada traperska Bolechówko (1/150)

Lipowa 50, 62-005 Bolechówko




 Jarosław Tylkowski, 693 160 293 





Info: The Trapper Camp is located on the verge of Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park in Czerwonak municipality, a mere 15 kilometers north of Poznań. It is a very interestingly situated area with many farm tourism attractions, ideal for both formal company parties and team-building events. The facilities created specially for festive purposes are made exclusively from wood, which adds even more charm and allure to the space. 


Best time to use venue: All year round except dog sleighs (unavailable in summer)




Mini Golf Malta Ski (1/bez limitu)

ul. Wiankowa 2, 61-131 Poznań


 Katarzyna Zaworska,katarzyna.zaworska@maltaski.pl


533 315 055




Info: Another attraction located in the vicinity of Lake Malta. There are 18 holes, golf clubs and balls - just as at any other golf course, only with a little less restrictive dress code - casual attire is allowed. Also with possibility of private bookings of the golf course exclusively.


Best time to use venue: Between April and November (with possibility of booking outside of season)




Rejs statkiem Bajka (15/60)

ul. Brzechwy 27/2, 63-100 Śrem






. Tadeusz Krześlak, 603 137 788,  Marcin Krześlak, 669 166 732





Info: Bajka cruise ship is an offer aimed at those who would like to spend some quality time on an inland sailing cruise ship, surrounded by nature and the lovely landscapes of Warta Valley in and around Poznań. A catering service onboard the vessel can be booked by the client on his/her own.


Best time to use venue: May 1st - September 15th 




Tandemowe skoki spadochronowe (1/60)

ul. Leszczynowa 12 62-080 Lusówko




Maciej Nowowiejski-Brożko, 602 767-647 





Info: Poznań skydiving zone is the airport where the parachuting is carried out. This is where the base with the whole supply network and infrastructure needed for performing the jump is situated. The airport is located in the vicinity of Poznań, in the Pobiedziska municipality area, nearby Tuczno and Stęszewko.


Best time to use venue: April 1st - October 31st




WINNER Szkoła Windsurfingu (1/50)

ul. Jesionowa 16 b 62-052, Chomęcice




+48 606 240 204




Info: Winner Windsurfing School gives the opportunity to access a windsurfing base at Lake Kiekrz. Apart from windsurfing training, there is also a windsurfing equipment rental for personal use. Winner school also has Omega class sail boats with steersman and Stand -Up - Paddleboards (SUP).


Best time to use venue: Windsurfing May-September, tennis - all year round



Gokarty World Karts (1/100)

ul. Bolesława Krzywoustego 72, Poznań


 Natalia Szmidt, natalia@worldkarts.eu


+ 48 508 123 845  






Info: The characteristics of this several hundred meter long gokarting track provides the most excitement from driving an actual professional gokart. After a short course and few practice laps, the owners also offer arranging a gokart track championship.


Best time to use venue: All year round




Laserowy Paintball  (2/100)

ul. Bolesława Krzywoustego 72, Poznań


 Natalia Szmidt, natalia@worldkarts.eu


+ 48 508 123 845  





Info: Laser paintball (also known as laser tag) is the alternative to traditional paintball. Visitors can participate in a battle divided into elimination stages aimed at select the tournament’s top three.


Best time to use venue: All year round 



Ośrodek Szkolenia Sportowego Brzednia (1/50)

Brzednia 1 63-140 Dolsk




Beata Sieluk, 512 298 108 




Info: Ośrodek Szkolenia Sportowego (sports training center) is a team of people with multiple years’ experience in professional service and running sporting and recreational events. Owing to their experience, they know how to create a one-of-a-kind event that the employees or clients will remember for years.


Best time to use venue: Beginning of May till end of October




Climbing spot (1/50)

ul. Pułaskiego 30 60-607, Poznań




Kacper Cieślawski, . +48 692 398 448 






Info: Climbing at the very heart of Poznań. At the bouldering, your insurance is a thick mattress. Thanks to it, you can safely jump off the wall at any time. Enjoy the freedom of climbing. This form of climbing teaches rope techniques and prepares for mountain trips. Over 520 square meters of climbing wall surface.


Best time to use venue: All year round



Cascader Park (10/no limit)

ul. Poznańska 44 62-006, Kobylnica




+48 514 927 087





Info: Cascader Park is Wielkopolska’s largest ropes course, located in the small town of Kobylnica near Poznań. It was established in 2008 and is still being developed further till this day. Nowadays it occupies an area of around 2 hectares (~4.9 acres). Visitors can enjoy two low ropes courses (including one specifically for children) and two high ropes courses, as well as two zip lines. There is also a designated area for bonfires.


Best time to use venue: April-November




Gród średniowieczny Pobiedziska (1/no limit)

Fabryczna 1 62-010, Pobiedziska Letnisko


 Bartek Styszyński bartek@grodpobiedziska.pl


+48 601 377 802




Info: Gród Pobiedziska is a tourist spot not easy to pidgeonhole. Created by an event manager based on multiple years of experience in the business event market. A wooden fortress in Pobiedziska is not only a classical event spot, but rather a unique place created with the business clientele in mind, who seek unconventional, original solutions. The fortress is famous for its collection of life-scale siege engines, a gigantic catapult called “Wyrzutek” (“outcast”) and the organization of “historically freaky” company events.


Best time to use venue: Upon reservation all year round



Mosińska Kolej Drezynowa (4/34)

ul. Kołątaja / Budzyńska 1 62-050, Mosina




+48 512 227 912




Info: Bicycle trolleys will transport anyone from Puszczykówko to Osowa Góra  and fro. Everybody who makes use of this proposal will have a chance to see the beautiful places, which The National Park of Wielkopolska – placed 15km to the south of Poznań – is very rich in. Preserved and undamaged by the man forms of the natural environment are advantages of this micro region.The tour via our trolleys is a great way to rest actively, commune with nature away from turmoil of a big city and pollution



Biesiada po poznańsku (30/bez limitu)





+48 608 284 208





Info: A Poznań-style feast is a unique culinary tour of Poznań. Your guides, dressed as an 17th century nobleman or a townswoman will take you to a few noteworthy taverns in the city, so you can enjoy stories of the Old-Polish and local cuisine in an ambiance of historical interiors. A vital part of the tour is an ample tasting of traditional Poznanian and Greater-Polish delicacies, whose taste and smell will stay with you for a long time. Forgotten culinary ceremonies will be brought back, the whole meal will be seasoned with Old-Polish language takes straight out of Sienkiewicz’s Trilogy. The combination of all these ingredients will result in great fun and a real three-hour treat for the senses.


Best time to use venue: All year round



Poznańska Wycieczka Piwna (10/30)




+48 608 284 208






Info: A trip along the trail of the amber brew is a beer-oriented tour of Poznań. Each event participant has the opportunity to have a closer look at the beer brewing process at Lech Browary Wielkopolski brewery. There, having heard the story of the processes of aging, filtering and bottling of the brew, they will be able to taste it themselves. The enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the art of pouring beer or choosing the right glass as presented by the beer expert and taster - the Cervesario. In the Stary Rynek district of Poznań, the Old Market Square, event participants will be taken to multiple pubs and restaurants for tastings of regional beers. Their guides will tell them stories about traditions, ways of pouring and the beer brewing process, aptly spicing up their tales with animation and anecdotes. The tasting itself will be enriched by a selection of snacks or a full meal. The tour would not be complete without little stopovers at Poznań Market’s most representative historical places, for a better understanding of where Poznań history and beer intertwine. 


Best time to use venue: All year round





Poznań Convention Bureau contact:

Aleksander Rudawski, Project Manager: Corporate Meetings And Initiatives

telefon: +48 61 222 59 48, kom. +48 790 458 530 | e-mail: a.rudawski@plot.poznan.pl



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