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Stay for the weekend

Check several unique reasons why it is worth staying in Poznań for the weekend 9-10 June 2018!


Ethno Port is often referred to as a „musical harbor” for acts from around the globe that are involved in creating ethnic sounds. One of the most prestigious magazines in the world dealing with this music - British Songlines - has already included Ethno Port several times among the 25 best world music festivals in the world. The prestigious During the 4 amazing days in June Poznań becomes filled with the inspirational sounds and vibes form basically each part of the world. During the festival one might also like to attend different types of workshops and/or meets and greets with musicians, cultural anthropologists as well as folk music experts. 

When: 7–10.06.2018

Where: Zamek Culture Centre

More: www.ethnoport.pl


pic. Ethno Port, Jakub Pindych





Have you ever wondered how log it takes to make LECH beer? What happens during the process of making the golden drink and what it looks like? What is hidden inside the tanks rising above Szwajcarska 11 in Poznań? All you need to satisfy your curiosity is a visit to Lech Visitors Centre.

A tour of the brewery is much different than your usual museum or movie trip. A lot happens here, and it is all happening in front of your very eyes. Owned by Kompania Piwowarska (Brewing Company), the Poznań brewery is one of the most state-of-the-art in Europe, and the brewers working here are highest class specialists. Just as the brewery is one of Poznań’s flagships, the LECH Visitors Centre tour guides are the showcases of the brewery. They are highly professional staff who, apart from an excellent knowledge of the brewery’s history and topography, also know everything about the various stages of beer production.


A visit to the pub and a beer tasting is the last stop of the tour of the brewery.A glass of beer straight from the heart of the brewery itself will be served by a skilled bartender who knows all the dos and don’ts of beer craftsmanship. We highly recommend the refreshing LECH PREMIUM or the regional LECH PILS. Welcome!


Tours are available in Polish, English and German
Only visitors over 18 are allowed.


Opening days: Monday-Saturday

Opening hours: 10 am-6 pm (last entry).
To book a tour, call us (+ 48 61 66 77 460), send us an email (swiatlecha@asahibeer.pl), or fill in the booking form. Do it at least 2 days before your planned trip.

Where: ul. Szwajcarska 11, 61-285 Poznań

More: www.zwiedzaniebrowaru.en


pic. Kompania Piwowarska







From 9th to 24th June Poznań's Old Market Square will be packed full antique, food and craft stalls as part of the traditional St John's week celebrations. There really is no better time to visit Poznań's old town than this.


Every day between June 9th and 24th, from 10am till 9pm, in Stary Rynek and Żydowska Street, over 100 stands and stalls await Poznań residents and tourists. The stalls are filled with unique handicraft items such as hand-made stuffed animals, pillows and pillow covers, as well as wooden and ceramic items. There will be a chance to observe the work of a potter and a blacksmith, and sculptors will make a three-meter-tall Slavic carving. Those interested in the art of handicraft can broaden their knowledge of the topic by participating in specially prepared painting, leather book-binding, knitting or doll-making demonstrations. As every year, there will also be something for the collectors of antiques, china, coins and stamps - all in stalls in Żydowska. Food items from Lithuania and the Polish region of Podlasie, such as breads and cold-cuts, have been enjoying great popularity for many years. The food stands will also be filled with pastries, fragrant spices, wax products, own-apiary honeys and other bee products, such as bee pollen and propolis.



When: 10am-9pm, 9-24.06.2018

Gdzie: Stary Rynek / Old Market Square

More: coming soon



pic. Poznan Tourism Organization stock






Poznań is a city that can boast a group of nearly 40 best chefs in Poland and their restaurants, distinguished in the yellow guide Gault & Millau. The Gault&Millau Guide is one of the two most prestigious book series (the other being Michelin) which review the culinary market. The spot in the guide cannot be bought, and a visit from the assessing inspector cannot be scheduled in advance. The assessment system is based on points and chef’s hats. The restaurants which find their way into the Yellow Guide have received a minimum of 10 out of 20 possible points. Having crossed that threshold, restaurants are additionally awarded between 1 and 5 chef’s hats. In short, the more hats, the better the assessment from the Gault&Millau professionals. List of recommended restaurants available here: Poznań in Gault&Millau 2018 Guide


When: according to the restaurants opening hours

Where: check the restaurants localization

More: Poznań in Gault&Millau Poland Guide



pic. Jakub Pindych






If you need to relax and unwind, our spa lounges in Poznań and its neighbourhood will surely help you. A little pleasure you cannot afford every day, will work wonders on your body and soul. And you do not have to spend an entire day on it, one or two hours after the job is enough. Come and find something for yourself in the rich offer!


When: according to the SPA & wellness centres' opening hours

Where: check below the SPA & wellness centres' localizations

More: SPA 1306


            Młyńska 12 WELLNESS

            SPA Harmony - Hotel IBB Andersia

            Wellness & SPArk

            SPA_larniaDAY SPA



SPA 1306, pic. Jakub Pindych







Welcome to Malta Thermal Baths - the most modern and at the same time largest indoor water complex in Poland, located by Maltańskie Lake in the very heart of Poznań, that makes use of the natural thermal waters. On the stretch of about 6 hectares there are 18 pools of the joint water surface area of 5000 m2. The complex includes an Aqua Park, Sauna World, comprised of 14 rooms and 1000 m2, and the best equipeed SPA 1306 in Poland, of 750 m2 area.


When: from Monday to Sunday, details: opening hours

Where: ul. Termalna 16, 61 - 028 Poznań

More: www.termymaltanskie.com.pl



pic. Jakub Pindych







Nowe Żeglarstwo (New Sailing) is one of the most attractive water activities in Poznan and region of Wielkopolska. Its offer includes yacht charter, professional sailing school or custom - made events. The fleet presents the newest yachts in the region. The New Sailing team is thrilled to make them available to others and to show that in Poland you can sail not only in the area of Masurian Lakes. The marina is located in Poznań, at the southern shore of Kierskie Lake, next to Kaskada Hotel. You can also rent the yacht with the care of a professional skipper for an extra fee.


When: every day, from 10am till 6pm

In order to charter the yacht a pre-booking is required. Please e-mail the New Sailing team at poznan@nowezeglarstwo.pl

Where: ul. Międzyzdrojska 37, 60-456, Poznań

More: www.nowezeglarstwo.pl



pic. Nowe Żeglarstwo / New Sailing







Solei Golf is a unique driving range, located a short distance from the center of Poznan, in the picturesque area of Strzeszyński Lake. There are 30 gaming places available, putting green, chipping area and two bunkers for golfers. The golf area of the Solei Residence is also a great idea for those who would like to try the lessons with the instructor. At the Solei Residence Hotel****, golfers can use the gastronomic as well as hotel and training facilities.


When: check the availability at the Solei Residence Hotel****, tel. +48 510 110 140, e-mail: hotel@hotel-solei.pl

Where: ul. Wałecka 2, 60-461 Poznań

More: www.hotel-solei.pl



pic. Pixabay, CC0








Fans of dance, parties and nightlife will not waste their time in Poznań! One of the latest launched club projects is MUS bar & view, the first Sky Bar in Poznań with a breathtaking, 360-degree panoramic city view. The space is characterized by an excellent sound system and a great music selection, often played live or by DJ on weekends. MUS occupies the last, 15th floor of Bałtyk Tower office building, located in the very heart of Poznań. The building designed by the Dutch architectural office MVRDV won the prestigious, architectural plebiscite “Form of the Year 2017” (Bryła Roku 2017) and was hailed as a new icon of the city. In Poznań, you can also have fun in clubs located in the best shopping center in the world - the Old Brewery (SQ, Słodownia, Piano Bar) or at the historic center of the city, the Old Market Square.


When: accroding to the clubs opening hours

Where: check the clubs localization

More: Poznań after hours



Bałtyk, pic. Romuald Krysiak








The Royal-Imperial Route is a trail of Poznań’s most fascinating sights. It offers a spectacle starring the city and the forty generations of people who have it constructed. The Route enables the viewer to witness the majesty of the millennium-old city of Poznań. It tells the story about “reaching for the crown” and succeeding in the pursuit of one’s plans. The Route is also an attempt to answer the key questions of why today’s Poznań looks the way it does and not differently. What is the mentality of Poznań residents and how was it formed? A stroll down the Route will be your chance to get to know the city. We guarantee that this chance is unlike any other you will ever encounter. See the 7 reasons why you should tour the Route and how to do it.


When: every day

Where: route

More: www.trakt.poznan.pl



pic. Wojciech Pudliszewski








One of many must-see stops in Poznan is the Museum od Applied Sciences. Located in the Przemysł Castle, it is a branch of the National Museum and the only museum in the country devoted entirely to applied arts. When visiting the Museum of Applied Arts, be sure to pop on over to the observation deck in the 43-meter-high castle tower with a stunning view of Poznań and its surrounding areas. List of other museums can be found here: what to see


When: from Tuesday to Sunday, longer opening hours: Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11:00am-6pm. 

Where: Góra Przemysła 1, Poznań

More: www.mnp.art.pl



fot. Wojciech Pudliszewski








The Adam Mickiewicz University Botanical Garden is a place which will steal the heart of any plant and nature lover. A space of 22 hectares offers an impressive collection of over 7000 species and varieties of planTs from nearly all climate-plant zones of the Earth.


The rock garden (alpinarium) is among the Botanical Garden’s biggest attractions. The abundance of the collection and their presentation enable a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the alpine plants as well as some of the questions connected with the levels of climate and vegetation.


When: ever day, 9am-8pm

Where: ul. Dąbrowskigo 165, 60-594 Poznań

More: www.obuam.robia.pl



pic. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan Botanical Garden




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