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WineStone Poznan (Hotel Mercure)

From just a few months Mecure Poznan Centrum guests as well as Poznan residents can take advantage of the newly opened WINESTONE Restaurant.

Name WINESTONE fully reflects the essence of a sophisticated concept that marks out two elements: selection of wines made ​​by experienced sommeliers ( WINE ) and dishes served on the board of stone ( STONE ). The new concept includes a change of menu and interior. All this takes into account the latest trends in kitchen, modern lifestyle and expectations of guests.

In WINESTONE guests can find a tasty, healthy food, regional specialties, wines at very affordable prices, as well as freshly baked raisin sourdough baguette administered with selected oils and proprietary blend of herbs .

In line with modern trends WINESTONE concept has an open kitchen. While waiting for the order, guests can watch the chefs work. An interesting arrangement of space broadcasts this suitable place definitely a friendly atmosphere. The new menu card stands out for its diversity so that everyone can find their favorite dish. Our guests can still count on Polish specialties such as dumplings or sour soup, but also savor in the French dishes. The menu includes board of delicious cheeses, which necessarily should be ordered with a glass of good wine.

WINESTONE guests can taste the best wines collected in a new tab and buy a bottle of their favorite drink to enjoy its taste in the comfort of their own home .

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WineStone Poznan (Hotel Mercure)
ul. Roosevelta 20
60-829 Poznań


Tel. +48 61 855 80 71

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020